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Case Studies

According to the Federal Energy Management Program studies, along with independent surveys, on average, a predictive maintenance program will enhance savings in the following areas:

  • Return on maintenance investment: 10 times
  • Reduction in maintenance costs: 25% to 30%
  • Elimination of breakdowns: 70% to 75%
  • Reduction in downtime:  35% to 45%
  • Increase in production: 20% to 25%

Below are some samples of different types applications where Infrared Thermography was used.


Loose Vent
AC duct appears to be unattached, insulation falling through register.

CB Feeder Panel HF
CB Feeder Panel appears to have stage B Developed Overheating Delta T 42 C at 2&3.

Detecting Fuel Tank Levels
Fuel Tank Level Detection.

Detecting Moisture Dry Wall
Appears to be moisture in the ceiling and wall.

Electrical Panel
Electrical panel appears to have a 2nd stage overheating at maxp 2 & 3, 6 & 7. Delta T at maxp 2 is 11.5C

Missing Insulation
Master bedroom wall appears to having missing or improperly installed insulation.

Water Leak
Master bath appears to have a leak in the shower seal.


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